Effects Of The #MeToo Movement

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The conviction of film producer Harvey Weinstein for a criminal sex act and rape has brought the spotlight back to the #MeToo movement to hold powerful men accountable for their mistreatment of women. The Onion looks at the most significant effects of the #MeToo movement.

Workplaces theoretically safer places to be a woman.

Young adults forced to start awkward conversations about consent with their parents.


Women becoming dangerously less aware of how much prettier they look when they smile.

Thousands of billable hours for defense lawyers.

Women emboldened by option of being smeared by powerful predator in lengthy, vicious court battle.


Police at least feel little bit guilty about all the untested rape kits.

Women working in hospitality, culinary, and manufacturing industries patiently wait turn for Vanity Fair cover.


Recognizing it was pretty strange how you shook three men’s hands, but gave Karen a hug.

Legacy of The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature tarnished forever by presence of Weinstein Company logo.