Empty ‘About Us’ Page Leaves Chinese Buffet’s Origins Shrouded In Mystery

Illustration for article titled Empty ‘About Us’ Page Leaves Chinese Buffet’s Origins Shrouded In Mystery

BROOKLYN PARK, MN—Mystified internet users confirmed this week that the peculiar, completely empty “About Us” page on the website of local restaurant Imperial Garden has left the origins of the Chinese buffet shrouded in an impenetrable cloud of secrecy. In the place where one would normally see a brief history of the business or a message from its owners, baffled visitors reported finding only a stark white, text-free void, which left them to grapple with the provenance of the all-you-can-eat Szechuan grill on their own. With the website revealing few details about the enigmatic establishment beyond its hours, delivery zone, and lunch specials, sources said the mysteries that remain—from how the restaurant came to exist in its current Lake Square strip mall location, to whether authentic family recipes are still in use—are perhaps beyond the capacity of any mere mortal web user to understand, and thus must be kept hidden from online viewers’ eyes. At press time, the cryptic home page had reportedly denied any further enlightenment to its visitors by sending those who clicked upon its “Contact Us” link to a page that was no longer available.


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