Illustration for article titled Encouragement Of Family, Friends Motivating Man To Keep Struggling Indefinitely

BURLINGTON, VT—Inspired by the steadfast support of family and friends, local unpublished writer Steven Franklin is motivated to continue struggling desperately for the foreseeable future, sources close to the 32-year-old confirmed Wednesday. “I’m blessed to have such understanding and enthusiastic people in my life who keep pushing me,” said Franklin, who would have given up on fruitlessly plugging away at his novel and gone to law school years ago if not for the unending encouragement of his parents, siblings, and friends. “They always cheered me on when I was a kid, and their confidence in me hasn’t let up a bit. As long as they keep inspiring me to never quit, I’ll have all the motivation I need [to stay focused on this pointless, all-consuming endeavor with absolutely no end in sight].” While Franklin said that he appreciated the support of his family and friends, he reportedly ignores their opinions on the girlfriend he should have broken up with years ago.


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