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ESPN Curious If You Have Ever Considered Playing Fantasy Football

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BRISTOL, CT—Sheepishly suggesting that it might be something to think about and noting that you’d have “a front row seat to all the NFL action,” global sports media organization ESPN was reportedly curious this week if visitors to its website had ever considered playing fantasy football. “Don't mean to be a bother or anything, but have you ever given thought to maybe joining a fantasy league?” asked the inquisitive cable network via popup notification, which said it was “completely cool” if you weren’t into it but was interested to know if, in addition to checking the site multiple times a day for scores, player stats, and game analysis, you might also have a passing interest in creating or joining a head-to-head or total points scoring league with friends. “ESPN hosts one of the largest fantasy football leagues in the world, and signing up is easy and free. Wasn’t sure if you’d heard about it—just sounded like something that’d be up your alley.” The world’s most valuable cable channel added that, while it didn’t want to get too far ahead of itself, it also offers a downloadable phone app for real-time updates and breaking sports news, just in case you’re into that kind of thing. ​

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