Essential Oils: Myth vs. Fact

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Essential oils have grown increasingly popular as natural remedies for common health problems, but their actual effectiveness is the subject of much debate. The Onion outlines some of the myths and facts surrounding essential oils.


MYTH: Essential oils can cure many common ailments.

FACT: Nope, just AIDS.

MYTH: There’s little to no science behind the claims of essential oils’ effectiveness.

FACT: Would someone you went to middle school with and didn’t see again until she started selling these oils lie to you?

MYTH: Essential oils can cause autism.

FACT: You’re thinking of vaccines.

MYTH: The essential oil market is just modern-day snake oil.

FACT: Uh, actually, only some essential oils are made from snakes.

MYTH: Essential oils are powerful enough to replace prescription medications.

FACT: Essential oils will never come close to offering the same high as snorting 300 mg of Vicodin.

MYTH: Your skin is fine just the way it is.

FACT: Your skin should smell like green tea leaves.

MYTH: Essential oils are mild enough to use undiluted.

FACT: As little as two drops of chamomile will relax you on your ass for hours.

MYTH: Essential oils have been shown to help patients with cancer.

FACT: No oil can cure cancer. You need high-quality crystals for that.