Europe, The U.S., And Saddam

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A number of America's top European allies, including France and Germany, strongly oppose any potential U.S. military action against Iraq. What do you think?

"What? The rest of the world disapproves of America's militarism? Jesus, man, don't they know they can get bombed for that?"

Christopher <br>Massey • Systems <br>Analyst

"Whatever will we do without the backing of the Spanish Armada?"

Lisa Hatcher • Graduate <br>Student


"C'mon, one shot at ousting Saddam every 10 years is only fair."

Bob Olsen • Roofer

"It's not like we're asking our European allies to pitch in; we just want them to stand idly by and watch."

Michael <br>Rossum • Lawyer


"Fuck Europe. I hate those sniffy little watered-down wimps. So what if they're absolutely right? Fuckin' horse-eaters."

Rick Edgerton • Cab Driver

"It's good to see that after more than 50 years, America's shrewd piss-off-the-world strategy is finally starting to pay off."

Michelle Glover • Dietitian