Even Better Than Travis Scott: The Nephew Of An Epic Games Executive Will Be Playing Some Songs On The Oboe For Everyone In ‘Fortnite’

Illustration for article titled Even Better Than Travis Scott: The Nephew Of An Epic Games Executive Will Be Playing Some Songs On The Oboe For Everyone In ‘Fortnite’

Exciting news, battle royale fans! As any diehard gamer already knows, Fortnite hosted a virtual Travis Scott concert last week that attracted 12.3 million simultaneous players for a mind-melting psychedelic spectacle. Well, as a follow-up to that event’s unprecedented success, Epic Games just announced that 13-year-old Greg Pochowski, the nephew of an Epic Games executive, will be playing a small recital on the oboe for everyone to enjoy starting this Friday at 6 p.m. Eastern!


Way to keep delivering the awesome live events, Epic Games!

“After hearing how much fans loved Travis Scott’s superstar performance, we knew we had to treat them to a few little sonatas from my nephew, who has really gotten quite good at the oboe after practicing for years,” said Epic Games executive Paul Pochowski, explaining that his brother’s son had done an impressive job at his middle school’s Winter Recital, even after suffering an asthma attack earlier that week. “Even though he’s only in 8th grade, his band teacher thinks he has so much talent that he’s a shoo-in for second chair when he starts high school next year. He’s even placed at some competitions.”

“Greg is a very nice young man—and exactly the sort of talent that gamers have come to expect from Fortnite,” he added.

The Greg Pochowski’s Oboe Recital event, which gamers will be able to access by logging onto the game this evening or any night for the next week, will reportedly feature Mozart’s “Oboe Quartet in F Major,” as well as covers of more modern compositions such as Van Morrison’s “Moondance.” Since the visual element is so important to these virtual concerts, we’re also hearing that Greg will be wearing a crisp white-collared shirt that his mom ironed this morning, while sporting a very sharp new haircut parted in the middle for the crowd!

And get this! His school’s arts club will also be on stage in an all-black ensemble for a modern interpretive dance routine set to an oboe cover of Adele’s “Hello” that we’re sure will spice up the in-game park gazebo where Greg will be playing for everyone!

“One note I’d like to give everyone is that Greg has had troubles with shyness in the past, so even doing this is a big step forward for him,” Pochowski continued, noting that the developer estimated at least 10 million concurrent players would be viewing the event. “With that in mind, all we ask is that you please be polite during his performance.”


“He already has had a very hard time fitting in with his classmates,” he added.

So, get ready for another incredible live musical event, gamers! Epic Games has totally outdone themselves yet again! With Travis Scott’s incredible hip-hop and now Greg Pochowski’s oboe, we can’t wait to see what else Fortnite has in store!