Everything We Know About ‘Amnesia: Rebirth’

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Fall is upon us, and with it comes the perfect season for another installment from one of the best examples of the survival horror genre. That’s right, gamers. Turn off the lights and get ready for terror. Here’s everything we know about Amnesia: Rebirth.

The game takes place in Algeria, which will be conveyed by having an NPC in the first five minutes who refers to the player as “my friend” and never be referenced again.


Players will have to carefully manage their Sanity meter, which depletes from seeing Eddie Van Halen play a blistering, face-melting solo during a performance of “Hot For Teacher.”

The teaser trailer shows the main character looking down at her hands in horror, so at some point you probably touch something really gross on accident.


In addition to jump scares, the developers have promised more subtle horror elements, such as a dish of peeled grapes that they tell you are eyeballs or a bowl of cold spaghetti that stands in for intestines.

Like prior Amnesia games, players will have no means of physically fighting back against the monsters unless they shell out $4.99 for the Plasma Blaster DLC.


Amnesia: Rebirth will feature difficult yet engaging puzzles, like solving the Collatz Conjecture or the Riemann hypothesis.

It’s a direct sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and a direct prequel to SSX Tricky.


Apparently, many of the game’s rooms are kept dark on purpose, an important fact to remember so gamers don’t waste their time on the phone with customer service trying to get a light on.