Everything We Know About The ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake

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It makes sense that Square Enix has kept their Final Fantasy VII reimagining tightly under wraps. But with the recent “State Of Play” teaser trailer and a few key leaks, we’re finally hearing some details about this highly anticipated remake. Here’s what we know so far about the Final Fantasy VII remake.

New graphical engine allows Cloud’s once-enormous sword and hair to be rendered at a normal size.


To accommodate the game’s scope, the remake will be released episodically in 5,000 minute-by-minute installments.

Developers have updated the Gil system to match inflation since 1997.

Aeris’s death scene extended with three hours of additional impalements to maximize emotional payoff.


Updated storyline features Cloud Strife and his team dismantling Shinra Electric Power Company by organizing in local and national elections to get to the root of the problem.

Combat system updated to no longer require players to know BASIC and C++.

Random encounters are now real-time to make the overall experience more chaotic, frustrating, and unsatisfying.