Everything We Know About Xbox’s Project Scarlett

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Microsoft unveiled its new Xbox console, Project Scarlett, at E3 this weekend, releasing many details about the next-gen gaming system. OGN provides insight into everything we know about Xbox’s Project Scarlett.


Technological improvements that stopped being detectable by human eye years ago.

Launching with titles Halo Infinite, Halo Party, Halo Kart Racing, and Master Chief’s Pro Links Golf 2020.

Renders blank black sleep-mode screen in brilliant 8K HD.

“Project Scarlett” code name chosen as little hint to fans that almost no thought or effort is being put into this.

Zen 2 CPU to completely eliminate load time by crashing instead.

Cuts down on Xbox One’s power usage by only requiring 15 AA batteries.

Features improved frame rate of 120 frames per second to allow older media to look like complete shit when you try to play it.


Ultimately 6% different from Playstation 5.

Empathetic voice-recognition technology internalizes criticism when you scream at it.


Will one day be sold for $15 at a Goodwill as time’s inevitable march carries on.