Everything We Learned From The New ‘Halo Infinite’ Gameplay Trailer

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Anyone who played the original Halo:Combat Evolved way back in 2001 knows few shooters have reached the giddy heights of awe-inspiring combat and massive battles—that is, until they got a peek at the in-game trailer for 343 Industries’ first release in the franchise exclusively made for the next generation. Ready to get your nostalgia button pressed? Here’s everything we learned from the new Halo Infinite gameplay trailer.

The iconic Warthog vehicle once again returns, though now it has been updated to include a 0.05% increase in fuel economy on city and highway streets and a multi-angle rearview camera for parallel parking.


Halo himself will not return for Infinite, with much of the story now being devoted to the new main character known as Master Chief.

The new grappling hook tool can be used to scale walls, retrieve items, or set up a backyard zipline for your step-son’s birthday party.


The muddy textures, flat lighting, and distracting LOD served as an impressive showcase for Microsoft’s latest console the Xbox 360.

While not much is known about the new “Pilot” character, it’s safe to assume his name is Justin, he’s a father of three, enjoys cooking, playing badminton, exploring the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, and hopes to one day start an antique store with his wife called Oddities & Curios.


The game will utilize the full capabilities of the Xbox Series X to depict bearded men screaming at Master Chief about how much they hate him.

Master Chief will be navigating planets filled with The Banished, but he’ll also be navigating the difficult, ritualistic dance that is male friendship.


The developers have dropped hints that this might be the final Halo title to explore Master Chief’s story that Paul McCartney will be alive to play.