KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH AFRICA—Falling into dead silence as their guide spotted movement behind a cluster of baobab trees, a group of tourists on safari in South Africa reportedly marveled at the sight of a poacher slowly and methodically stalking his prey Monday. “Wow, this is incredible—I can’t believe this is happening right in front of me!” whispered stunned tourist Paul McAuliffe, who watched in awe as the hardened killer quietly circled an unsuspecting rhinoceros, instinctively raised his .458 Winchester-Magnum rifle, and then, in an instant, set upon his quarry with point-blank gunfire. “To actually get to witness something like this is so profound and powerful. But I guess that’s just part of the normal circle of life around here.” Though many members of the group admitted they had to look away when they heard the rhino’s final death bellows, they said that watching the man and several other poachers use chainsaws to cut off its horn was “an experience [they’d] never forget.”


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