Excitement Builds Around New PlayStation After Leaked Images May Show Your Long-Lost Father Holding A PS5

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There’s been tons of fevered anticipation from Sony fanboys about the next generation of PlayStation, but that hype is about to hit a whole new level with a recent leak that appears to include photographs showing your long-lost father holding a PS5.

That’s right—your dad is still alive after all these years, and according to these pictures at least, he’s carrying around Sony’s next-gen console everywhere he goes!

Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more pumped up about the upcoming iteration of the PlayStation name, the juicy tidbits teased in these photos should be getting you salivating about the system’s rumored 8-core AMD chipset and sleek industrial design. It should also raise some significant questions about the whereabouts of your father, who has been missing since his yacht vanished in the fog off the coast of Gibraltar 12 years ago.

Based on the rumor mill, we had already gotten confirmation the console would come equipped with 8K graphics and backwards compatibility. But none of that could have prepared you for the detailed look at the hardware you get in these newly dropped photos, and you were probably even less prepared to see your father’s familiar face—a little older, a little more world-weary, but unmistakably still the man who leaned over your crib more than a decade ago and said, “Daddy loves you so much.” That was the night he disappeared forever—or so you thought until these photographs surfaced, clearly showing a blue-eyed man with the same wry smile that you would recognize anywhere.

This is guaranteed to take PS5 enthusiasm to a whole new level!

Of course, speculation has been rampant in the face of these pictures, with some wondering if the slightly boxier look of the PS5 might suggest even more processing power than had been previously revealed, and others noting that the palm trees visible far in the background means your father, or at the very least someone who looks almost identical to him, is living somewhere south of the Equator. Still, none of this answers the questions of why your father never got in touch with you over all these long years, or whether Nintendo or Microsoft will reign supreme in the next-gen wars.

That’s all the info we have at the moment, but we’ll be sure to let you know if Sony drops any additional hints about the PS5, or if the private investigator you hired will be able to help reunite you with the man who raised you!