Exhausted Parents Struggling To Limit Child’s Time Using Gun

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DENVER—Following weeks of being continually sheltered in place with the 4-year-old, exhausted parents Josh and Natasha Kachel admitted Thursday that they were struggling to limit their son’s time using the family gun. “We used to only let him use it for about an hour every day, but with the quarantine, it’s just been really hard to find things for Jackson to do,” said mother Natasha, explaining how letting their son use the revolver in the other room made it easier for the parents to focus on working from home. “We realize it’s not good for his mental and physical health to be constantly using the gun. For example, he used to be a great sleeper, but now he’s waking up at 5 a.m. screaming ‘Gun, gun, gun!’ until we get it for him. There used to be a safety lock and everything, but he figured out how to get past that pretty quickly, so now we let him do what he wants with it just to give ourselves a break. I guess you need to know how to use a gun to get ahead in life anyway, so at this point, we just hope he shoots something educational.” At press time, the parents expressed pride that Jackson is still not allowed to use the gun at the dinner table.