Illustration for article titled Experts Warn Americans Could Still Be Dealing With Coronavirus As Late As Tomorrow Afternoon

WASHINGTON—Warning that the deadly COVID-19 virus could continue to plague the United States for far longer than previously expected, experts from the CDC announced Friday that Americans could still be dealing with coronavirus as late as tomorrow afternoon. “According to our most recent projections, residents in all 50 states could still be coping with the fallout from this pandemic through tonight, tomorrow morning, and if we’re severely unlucky, even past 1 or 2 p.m. the next day,” said CDC spokesman Dr. Michael Craine, adding that at the rate the disease is currently spreading, Americans could continue contracting the disease in untold numbers, perhaps even into the dozens. “While we understand the last week has been extraordinarily difficult, we want to emphasize that this isn’t over yet, and households should stock up for the next 24 hours, and have enough food and water for at least three more meals. Unfortunately, these worst-case-scenario models show that things may not really begin to feel normal until Monday when schools and workplaces reopen.” At press time, economists warned Americans that they should brace for a recession, and expect to lose as many as 10 jobs in the coming days.


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