Facebook ‘Ask’ Feature Lets Friends Inquire About Relationships

Facebook has begun rolling out a new profile feature in which an “Ask” button is displayed beside items in a user’s “About” page, including the “Relationship Status” section, so that users can directly ask if their friends have a significant other. What do you think?

“You’re not supposed to ask for that kind of information; you’re supposed to deduce it by browsing through hundreds of someone’s personal photos and wall posts.”

Lena Macdonald • Summer Camp Counselor


“Can I still ask my friends about stuff in person, or do I have to use Facebook for everything now?”

Daniel Chouler • Carpet Cleaner

“This is ridiculous. If people want to know my relationship status, they can just ask me. Or email or text. Or this button thing you’re talking about.”

Luke Bailey • Pastry Chef

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