Facebook Bans Thousands Of Snowboarders, Base Jumpers In Crackdown On ‘Dangerous’ Accounts

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MENLO PARK, CA—Explaining that the suspended users had violated the site’s content guidelines, Facebook reportedly banned thousands of snowboarders, base jumpers, and paragliders Thursday in a crackdown on “dangerous” accounts. “The Facebook community should be safe for all users, which is why we’ve suspended the accounts of hundreds of heli-skiers, free-climbers, and others who repeatedly promote extreme and unsafe behaviors,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, adding that the banned accounts had repeatedly ignored the site’s warnings by posting pictures and videos of dangerous activities like big-wave surfing and running with the bulls, and encouraging others to engage in them as well. “To our users concerned that these activities and the accounts who promote them are too extreme, tubular, or totally bitchin’ for Facebook, we’ve heard you loud and clear. While some may say we’re being overzealous, the reality is that advocating for hang gliding, cave diving, or kayaking over a waterfall has real-life consequences, and in many cases can inspire gruesome injuries or even death. A 1080-degree spin on a snowboard is one of the most dangerous moves an individual can attempt, and a video promoting that sort of behavior has no place on Facebook.” Critics of the move responded that it put Facebook on a slippery slope to banning accounts of people who promote riding scooters, doing parkour, or driving a car.