Fahrenheit 9-11

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Disney recently blocked Miramax from releasing Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11, a film criticizing President Bush's handling of Sept. 11. What do you think?

"Disney is afraid of controversy? But they were the first ones to point out how wrong it is to be an evil witch."

Pamela Turner • Marine Engineer

"I used to be a big fan of Michael Moore, until he turned all political."

Jean Collins • Clerk


"Moore's prominent presence in the news brings to light some serious questions, such as 'Can't he at least try to look presentable?'"

Juan Sanchez • Interpreter

"So Eisner, Moore, and the Weinsteins are involved in the story of Bush and bin Laden? Is anyone decent a part of this at all?"

Walter Reed • Systems Analyst


"Disney insists that it wants to remain apolitical, but that doesn't explain its controversial 1971 cartoon, Donald's Laos-y Cambodian Vacation."

Sammy Campbell • Video Editor

"Why doesn't Michael Moore ever make documentaries about nice things, like where cotton candy comes from?"

Keith Scott • Statistician