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Family Dinner Successfully Covers Topics Of Movies And TV

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WAYZATA, MN—Having delved into a robust discussion over the implications of last week’s Gotham shortly after sitting down, which was quickly followed by a roundtable appraisal of the latest Hunger Games installment, members of the Coleman family confirmed Thursday evening that their dinner conversation successfully covered the two topics of film and television. “Have you seen the commercial for that new Matthew McConaughey movie—the one where they’re in space?” father Mitchell Coleman reportedly asked his children during a portion of the discussion that was devoted to a broad survey of upcoming movies before diving deep into the realm of TV programs by recounting the latest episode of 30 Rock that he and his wife watched on Netflix. “Looks pretty good to me. I like Matthew McConaughey. He was in that TV show, right? Boy, what's it called? I bet that's good, too.” Despite the fruitfulness of their dinnertime discourse, sources confirmed that mother Lori Coleman opted to build on the success of the night's conversation by initiating an in-depth discussion of possible outcomes of The Voice amid the family viewing of that very same show just minutes after the meal's completion.


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