Family Excited To See Dad Making Friends In New Neighborhood

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ARLINGTON, MA—Fondly watching him as he joined a group of other men his age huddled around a classic car, members of the Altman family were reportedly excited Wednesday to see their dad making friends in their new neighborhood. “He was kind of hanging back at first, so he needed a little nudging, but now it seems like Dad’s really hitting it off with the other guys on the block,” said daughter Kelly Altman, 17, adding that while the family had to prod him into introducing himself to the dad across the street, he had returned home with a big smile on his face and plans to watch the Red Sox game later in the week. “He’s just one of those dads that needs a little time to warm up. But ever since he met that nice accountant down the street who likes camping and barbecue as much as he does, it’s like they’re inseparable. In fact, I think they’re out in the backyard assembling a smoker right now.” Altman added that, while she was happy for her father, she hoped he wouldn’t start hanging out with bad influences like that rowdy single dad who’s always blasting rock music out of his garage.