Family Fears Grandmother Aware Of Her Surroundings

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BEDFORD, NH—Acknowledging a look in her eyes that sometimes makes them think she may actually be registering things, the family of local grandmother Janice Humphries expressed anxiety Tuesday that the 93-year-old nursing home resident might be aware of her surroundings. “It comes and goes right now, and we’re just worried she may become completely alert to what’s going on around her,” said Humphries’ eldest daughter, Karen Lefferts, noting that those fleeting moments when her mother is awake and appears to be slowly piecing together her situation are almost too much for the family to bear. “Sometimes it seems like she might be starting to understand why she’s sitting upright in an adjustable bed that’s not in the home she spent most of her life in, like she’s suddenly right there with you instead of a million miles away. No one ever wants to see a loved one go through that.” At press time, Humphries’ family members were on the verge of tears as she reportedly looked around her tiny room and remembered each and every one of their names.