Father Apologizes For Taking Out Anger On Wrong Son

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ELIZABETH, NJ—Moments after losing his composure with an unwarranted emotional outburst, local father David Kessler reportedly apologized to his son Christopher Thursday for erroneously taking out his anger on him and not his older brother Peter. “I’m really sorry I snapped at you earlier, Chris—you aren’t the one who deserves it,” said Kessler, admitting he overreacted by losing his temper and berating the 16-year-old instead of his lazy and useless elder sibling. “I was totally out of line when I was screaming at someone other than Peter. There’s really no excuse for me to treat anyone except for your good-for-nothing brother that way. I promise it will never happen again.” Following the apology to his youngest son, sources confirmed that a sentimental Kessler told his assembled family members he was very proud of all but one of them.


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