Father Teaches Son How To Shave Him

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ST. CLOUD, MN—Judging him old enough to learn the time-honored family tradition passed down from father to son, local man William Dalton, 47, taught his 12-year-old child, David, how to properly shave him, sources reported Friday. “There you go, buddy, just short, even strokes of the blade—be real careful not to press too hard or you’ll nick my skin,” the elder Dalton said, looking down tenderly at his son while instructing the boy to take extra care around the more sensitive areas. “See how it’s a little thicker underneath the chin? You’ll want to lather it up a bit extra there. And don’t go against my grain or you’ll leave red bumps. Hey, pretty smooth, kid!” At press time, Dalton was assuring his son that he’d get the hang of it in no time, as it would soon be part of his daily routine.