Favorite Games We Got To Play At E3 2019

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We got our hands on some of the most must-play titles of the year at E3 2019. After a lengthy discussion, here are the OGN team’s favorite titles from our time playing on the convention floor.


Luigi’s Mansion 3:

An erotic adventure from top to bottom, this adults-only game begins with a mysterious package containing a mask, a single red rose, and an invitation to Luigi’s stately manor.

Blair Witch:

Twenty years after the first movie was released, this game will finally give fans the opportunity to be the ones who shake the camera.

Smash Ultimate:

The game’s new DLC updates promise hours of fun until obsessive sabermetricians recalculate the exact best characters to use in every competitive match.



Pretty decent iPhone game that helped us kill time while we waited in line to play Battletoads.


Doom Eternal:

The fun of blasting demons is still there, but the difficulty ramps down considerably after your character finds Christ, through whom all things are possible.


Madden NFL 20:

The new post-career mode will give the player fresh challenges like navigating bankruptcy and hiding your mental decline from your family.


Metroid Prime 4:

This one wasn’t at E3 this year, so we just closed our eyes and imagined. And it was wonderful.