BOSTON—Amid an ongoing inquiry into the alleged use of insider information and predatory tactics by the daily fantasy sports website, FBI investigators confirmed Friday that they have had incredible difficulty keeping track of all the different DraftKings employees nicknamed “D-Blaze.” “We have uncovered some very concerning instances of illegal gambling practices and the dissemination of proprietary information, but unfortunately, the precise perpetrators have been hard to identify, since it appears that well over half of the DraftKings staff have the informal moniker ‘D-Blaze,’” said lead investigator Garrett Hoffman, noting that the overwhelming majority of the company’s internal messages were addressed from one employee going by “D-Blaze” to another who also goes by “D-Blaze,” each of whom could refer to hundreds of individuals throughout the company’s hierarchy all nicknamed “D-Blaze.” “We’ve been able to eliminate some of the confusion by assigning each ‘D-Blaze’ a different number for reference. That said, almost all of the employee email addresses have been customized to some iteration of—either with hyphens, underscores, multiple z’s, or a string of x’s affixed to the end—so the investigation has been slowed considerably.” Hoffman added, however, that FBI agents have successfully identified the three executives on the DraftKings board of directors who had been dubbed “G-Train.”