FDA Defends Decision To Reclassify Alternative Milks As ‘Nut Sweat’

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SILVER SPRINGS, MD—Addressing concerns that the naming practice could unfairly bias consumers against the products, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a statement Thursday strongly defending the decision to reclassify alternative milks as “nut sweat.” “While we hope this new labeling helps clarify shopping choices, it’s important to note Americans are still free to enjoy nut sweat over their cereal in the morning or drink a refreshing glass of nut sweat as a snack,” said FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, adding that the agency’s decision to adopt “nut sweat” labeling was not an attack on the product itself, stressing that options such as almond nut sweat and cashew nut sweat still offer heart-healthy choices. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making yourself a protein shake chock-full of nut sweat or letting your children consume a cup or two of nut sweat during the day. In fact, going forward, I’m sure we’ll be seeing quite a few nut sweat mustaches.” Gottlieb added that although it was no longer legal to stock nut sweat next to milk in the dairy aisle, he expressed confidence that consumers would adjust to finding the product in the housewares and cosmetics sections of supermarkets.