Illustration for article titled Fed Chairman Downloads Budgeting App To Help Manage Nation’s Economy

WASHINGTON—Explaining that the accounting tool would greatly help to keep track of the county’s finances and lower spending, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell reportedly downloaded a budgeting app Monday to help manage the nation’s economy. “In order to better oversee our $20 trillion GDP, I’ve signed up for a free trial of Mint on the app store,” said Powell, adding that the easy budget app would help ensure maximum economic efficiency by sending him a notification whenever the nation overspends on infrastructure or misses a debt payment to China. “I’m using the free version, which means there’s a bunch of annoying ads, but I’m willing to deal with that for the betterment of our country. I’ve only been using it a few days, and we’ve already managed to save millions of dollars on defense spending.” At press time, Powell had started cutting up all the nation’s credit cards.


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