Fewer NBA Players Choosing To Learn Unborn Child’s Position

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LOS ANGELES—Highlighting a new trend that has grown increasingly prevalent across the league, a new survey released Thursday by the University of Southern California revealed that fewer NBA players are opting to learn their unborn baby’s position. “Many players and their spouses have decided that they would rather wait until after the delivery to discover whether their child is a point guard, a small forward, or even a traditional center who dominates in the post,” said Los Angeles-based obstetrician Dr. Charles Peyrovian, adding that several of his patients have asked him to write their baby’s position on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope in case they change their minds before the birth. “The biggest benefit of waiting is that it prevents parents from developing too many preconceived notions about whether their child will be a perimeter shooter or more of a commanding presence inside the paint. The mystery and anticipation also makes the whole process a little more fun, and it’s really wonderful to see their faces light up when you tell them they just had a little two-guard.” Peyrovian added that while nearly all players have some preference for their child’s position, they’re mainly concerned with making sure their baby is born healthy and with a reliable midrange jumper.