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GRAND RAPIDS, MI—The parents of local comedian Nick Maropoulos admitted this week that they are still adjusting to their new lives as first-generation American immigrants who are regularly featured in their son’s standup comedy sets. “It’s kind of strange being in a new country, learning all the customs, and hearing intimate details from your personal life used as source material in a comedy routine, but it’s just something we’re getting used to,” said Maropoulos’ father, Spiros, who along with his wife, Eleni, has slowly grown accustomed to hearing their struggles as strangers in a foreign land routinely exploited for laughs in their son’s televised comedy specials. “I mean, we came to this country to build a better life for ourselves and for our family so that our children could pursue their dreams, whatever they may be. But it takes time to assimilate and adjust to the fact that our son’s dream involves sharing our language struggles with a live audience that finds them hilarious.” Spiros Maropoulos went on to say that he could think of no greater tribute to the generations of Maropolouses who came before him than to see his family’s heritage and traditions joked about for a crowd of drunk 25-year-olds in a comedy club.


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