Illustration for article titled Flu Clinic Selling 2009 Version Of Vaccine For A Few Bucks Cheaper

OMAHA, NE—Saying that it probably still protects against a few strains of the virus going around this flu season, the immunization clinic at Nebraska Family Health Center is now offering doses of the 2009 influenza vaccine at a discounted price, sources confirmed Tuesday. “We had a bunch of the older stuff sitting around that we didn’t want to see go to waste, so we figured why not offer it for a few dollars cheaper,” said clinic nurse Jeanette Coleman, remarking that the older vaccines probably work “pretty well” when compared to those made for the 2014 season. “There are, of course, people who always like to get the latest version of whatever’s out there, but these five-year-old inoculations are a decent enough option if you’re looking to save a little money. To be honest, unless they see the date on the vial, most people can’t even tell the difference.” Coleman added that if a customer wants an even deeper discount, the clinic can administer the vaccine with a gently used needle.


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