Ford Unveils New 4-Lane SUV

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DEARBORN, MI—Touting the new offering as the latest in safety, driving efficiency, and comfort, Ford officials unveiled Wednesday their new four-lane SUV. “Our all-new 2024 Ford Explorer 4XLT offers premium interior flexibility at a reasonable price point, boasting a 10 L 16-cylinder engine, 2,700 horsepower, and seating for up to 35,” said CEO Jim Farley, adding that the new 48-foot-wide SUV was perfect for hauling four boats across multiple highway lanes at once. “Based on purchasing trends, we at Ford understand that for our customers, bigger is better. They want more seating, more cargo space, and more security for passengers. We’ve heard them loud and clear, and the 4XLT is the widest vehicle in its class by three lanes, yet still handles like a much smaller two-lane vehicle. You’ll have ample leg room to stretch out in one of the 10 rows of seats, and with a fuel efficiency of 1 mpg in the city and 2 mpg on the highway, the SUV is ideal for drives in cities and towns, where the rugged drive system easily adapts to medians and sidewalks.” At press time, the 4XLT demonstrated the its handling and off-road suspension as it easily drove over a dozen women pushing strollers.