In the wake of the recent earthquake, a Haiti charity run by rapper Wyclef Jean is under fire for its unusually high administrative costs and allegedly spending money on Jean's for-profit businesses. What do you think?

"Fortunately, I've been donating to the legitimate charity run by fellow Fugee Pras, which provides food, water, and temporary shelter to Pras."

Carla Hawkins ‚ÄĘ Stone Setter


"I'd rather give my earthquake relief money to Jean's charity than to Doctors Without Borders. A borderless doctor strikes me as unseemly."

LaMont Turner ‚ÄĘ Systems Analyst

"Didn't anyone tell him that in the wake of tragedies musicians are supposed to write shitty songs and film black-and-white PSAs?"

Beau Jones ‚ÄĘ Quarter-Section Ironer