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NEW YORK—Taking a moment from their morning broadcast to castigate Cesar Soyec, the man accused with mailing out explosives to numerous prominent Democrats and Trump critics, Fox & Friends hosts denounced the bombing suspect Monday as an overenthusiastic fan whose heart was basically in the right place. “This senseless act of attempted violence is a disturbing example of a super-fan getting a little too worked up and going a bit overboard,” said co-host Brian Kilmeade, describing Soyec as a “decent-seeming guy” whose “understandable exuberance appears to have gotten the better of him.” “We condemn this man’s heinous actions in the strongest possible terms, while applauding his can-do attitude, innovative spirit, and commitment to getting involved in the country’s political process. Of course, wide-scale assassination attempts are never acceptable, and it’s a real shame that a pretty awesome dude wasn’t able to pump the brakes slightly more.” Kilmeade urged viewers to take Soyec’s zealousness as an inspiration, but warned them to “dial it down a smidge.”


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