Fox News Apologizes For Their Mentally Ill Hosts

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NEW YORK—Responding to criticism for comments about 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg made on their network, Fox News officials apologized Tuesday for their mentally ill hosts. “While we understand some people disagree with the statements made by Laura Ingraham and other pundits on Fox News, it’s important to remember that these are completely deranged nutcases who lack any emotional intelligence and have severe anger issues,” said Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott, who requested viewers’ compassion and tolerance with the network’s decision to repeatedly give deeply disturbed individuals like Tucker Carlson a platform to offer his unhinged views. “These are people who have severe psychiatric impairments that make them unable to control their thoughts and urges. What they say may not always fall within the general idea of appropriate speech, and they may behave in ways that we do not associate with being totally with it, but it’s important to remember that they’ve overcome severe mental issues to share their thoughts with us.” Scott added that none of this would be happening if the hosts’ parents had just raised them right and stepped in to stop them from repeatedly making their crazy statements in public.