Fox News Struggling To Attract Younger 60-75 Demographic

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NEW YORK—Frustrated over its inability to penetrate the more lucrative market, Fox News is struggling to attract viewers in the younger 60-75-year-old demographic, sources reported Monday. “Despite pulling big numbers with the 76-to-90 crowd, there’s a lot more we can do to draw in that coveted 60-to-75 audience,” said Fox News acting CEO Rupert Murdoch, adding that the company’s long-term health was in jeopardy if it didn’t revitalize its aging viewer base by appealing to younger, more hip seniors. “Even throwing in references they’re familiar with, something fresh like Sha Na Na or the Smothers Brothers can help. Maybe we could try to get the remaining members of Peter, Paul, and Mary to do an ad spot for us. God, how does TCM make it look so easy?” Murdoch admitted that hiring practices at Fox News may have played a part in the network’s troubles, as programming has traditionally not been entrusted to anyone in late middle age.