Friends Always Trying To Set Up Single Woman With New Puzzle

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LOS ANGELES—Saying they just wanted to see her happy, sources confirmed Monday that friends of local single woman Meredith Singer were always trying to set her up with a new puzzle. “Okay, don’t be mad, but we think we found the perfect one for you this time,” longtime friend Rebecca Bates told the unattached 32-year-old, watching to see if Singer blushed as the group of girlfriends gestured giddily toward an unopened Target bag in the corner of the room, which reportedly contained a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle depicting an English floral garden that they said she would “absolutely go gaga for.” “It’s right up your alley, we promise. Nothing like the last few puzzles, which, we admit, turned out to be duds. This one will be easy and fun, with no weird surprises. I found it through a friend of a friend who only does sudoku now, but did this one back in college and only had good things to say about it.” At press time, Singer was reportedly disappointed after sitting down with the puzzle only to find that it looked nothing like the picture on the front of the box.