Fringe Catholic Sect Doesn’t Tolerate Child Abuse

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ST. LOUIS—Explaining that the offshoot group remained on the religion’s periphery due to their inflexible belief system, sources confirmed Wednesday that a fringe Catholic sect doesn’t tolerate child abuse. “While this splinter group considers themselves followers of Christ and his teachings, it’s important to note that the vast majority of Catholics view the Reformed Church of St. Isidore’s conviction that children should not be molested or assaulted as wildly out of step with conventional doctrine,” said Bishop Thomas DeNunzio, adding that the centuries-old faction has been living in the shadows in the United States since at least the 1950s, drawing disciples with its contentious dogma of respecting children and refusing to open their doors to priests who had left their previous positions due to child abuse. “They have fled far from the traditional values of covering up child abuse, and in their rigid intolerance are attempting to invalidate hundreds of years of Roman Catholic precepts. Thankfully, though, they represent just a tiny minority of Catholics.” Sources added that several popes have considered excommunicating the fringe sect from the Church entirely in order to eliminate their heretical belief of objecting to child molestation from gaining any more followers.