Illustration for article titled Frito-Lay Pledges Party-Size Bag Of Plain Potato Chips To Help Combat World Hunger

PLANO, TX—Citing an ongoing commitment to its community and the world at large, international snack food giant Frito-Lay held a major press conference Friday to announce plans to donate a party-size bag of regular, unflavored potato chips to the fight against global hunger. “As responsible corporate citizens, we believe it is our duty to take direct action and contribute one 15.25-ounce bag of Lay’s Classic potato chips to the world’s food-insecure population,” said company spokesperson Mark Walters, unveiling a 10-year plan to distribute the single bag of chips to those famine-stricken regions of the world where it is most needed. “With this donation, we are pledging approximately 225 potato chips that, when taken together, will provide a grand total of nearly 2,500 calories to malnourished and snack-deprived men, women, and children across the globe. What’s more, countries willing to appropriate matching government funds for this new program will be eligible to receive up to 2 tablespoons each from a container of Frito-Lay Bean Dip, while supplies last.” Walters went on to state that by 2035, the company hopes to expand its philanthropy into barbecue or even sour cream and onion flavors.


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