Illustration for article titled Frustrated Obama Writes Letter To His Congressman About Need For Gun Control

WASHINGTON—Unsure how else to take action after this weekend’s mass shooting in Orlando, FL that left scores dead, a frustrated President Obama spent Monday morning writing a letter to his congressman about the need for tighter gun control laws, sources confirmed. “Representative Rush, the attack in Orlando was a tragedy that could have been prevented—when will you and your colleagues finally close the loopholes that allow suspected terrorists and people with a history of violence to legally purchase firearms?” read a portion of the president’s strongly worded letter to First District Illinois Representative Bobby Rush, before going on to ask the congressman to pledge his support for sweeping gun control reforms that included tighter background checks and a federal assault weapons ban. “I am sick and tired of these killings happening over and over again, and unless Congress acts now to pass a bill to stop potential shooters from obtaining these weapons, attacks like this will continue to occur. I urge you to sponsor comprehensive, common-sense gun safety legislation today. Sincerely, Barack Obama.” At press time, an intern from Rep. Rush’s office had replied to thank the president for his feedback on this issue.


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