Gamers Will Love This: Sometimes It’s Just Fun To Relax With A Nice Jigsaw Puzzle

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Attention all gamers! Strap in and get pumped because we’ve got awesome news that you are going to absolutely love: It turns out sometimes it’s just fun to relax with a nice jigsaw puzzle.

Doesn’t that sound great? Whether you’re a casual fan or a full-time gaming junkie who’s camping outside and waiting for the latest hot release, there are going to be plenty of moments in your life when it feels good to just hunker down for a cozy night inside and crack open a Ravensburger while you sip a warm cup of tea or cocoa.


Video games are really fun and all, but sometimes your eyes just get tired or you get a headache from looking at a screen for too long. That’s why there is nothing wrong with unplugging for the night and enjoying the tactile sensation of the cardboard in your hands as you flip over the pieces to make sure they’re all facing the right way. And we gotta say that a lot of the time the pictures are just as pretty as any video game.

Just close your eyes and think about sorting out all of the edge pieces until you’ve completed the border. It may seem kind of boring, but it’s got a lot in common with the puzzles from your favorite platformers and RPGs. And there is a real satisfaction in finally fitting in the last square of a 1,500-piecer depicting a snowy field or some trees reflecting in a still pond. Is this blue one part of the water or the sky? Dark Souls has nothing on that challenge, gamers.


The best part? Jigsaw puzzles are widely available in a variety of designs for every skill level, usually at the fraction of the cost of a video game. So, get ready for a new obsession that will sharpen your mind, increase your dexterity, and give you something to talk about with your grandmother the next time you call her.