GameStop Somehow Selling Used Version Of Game Day After It Comes Out

Illustration for article titled GameStop Somehow Selling Used Version Of Game Day After It Comes Out

As gamers, we see a lot of strange things, but this one may take the cake. By some sort of strange voodoo, GameStop is selling a used version of Borderlands 3 just one day after it came out. 


Actually, scratch that. Gearbox Software’s latest entry in the Borderlands series dropped last night, a mere 18 hours ago, and yet here it is, already perched front and center in the used-games section next to far older titles like Spider-Man and Dark Souls II. We preordered ours on Amazon weeks ago and it hasn’t even shipped yet, so we’re struggling to understand how this disc was purchased and resold to GameStop so quickly. 

There’s really no good explanation for how this happened. Maybe, MAYBE, there’s some scenario where a person waited in line for the release, took the game home, put in a few hours of gameplay, decided they hated it, and then promptly returned it when the store opened at 9 a.m. But that timeline just doesn’t make sense.

None of this makes sense. 

What’s even crazier is that this copy of Borderlands 3 is in terrible shape! The case looks worn and the edges are even dented a little. How did it get so beat-up in less than a day? Also, the sticker says the original $59.99 price has been slashed by $4, which is not worth it considering the terrible condition this thing is in. 

Frankly, we don’t know where this game came from or how it ended up in this GameStop. The manager said he doesn’t remember anyone coming in to sell it, but he already has two other used copies waiting to be stocked. What the hell?! 

This is a mystery that may never be solved, but don’t let that stop you from picking up your own copy of Borderlands 3, out yesterday and apparently available used today!