Gay Marriage State By State

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The Supreme Court ruled this week that gay couples in Alabama will be allowed to marry in the months leading up to its ruling on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage, while other states continue to uphold bans. Here is how same-sex marriage currently stands in different states:

  • California: Gay marriage is legal for couples who are okay with that right being taken away by referendum at any time
  • Mississippi: Mississippi became the first state to legalize gay marriage in 1961 and has been a bastion of gay rights since then
  • North Carolina: Legal for those who don’t care that they’re killing their grandmother
  • New Hampshire: Guilted by Vermont into legalization in 2010
  • Kansas: Legal for gay couples to have ceremony in different state and not come back
  • West Virginia: Same-sex couples allowed to marry only if they have given opposite-sex marriage a fair shot first
  • Nevada: Majority of same-sex couples onto third marriage already
  • Michigan: Gay marriage no longer legal, but lawmakers must recognize unions of 300 same-sex couples who got married in 2014 and not be total dicks about it
  • Oregon: Legal, if you’re into that whole “labels” thing
  • Minnesota: That’s their business, but if they do marry, let’s hope it’s a nice church wedding and not some kinky sex party
  • Utah: Holy shit, legal? Wow.