In an effort to reinvigorate the Middle East peace process, Israel fulfilled its pledge and withdrew from the Gaza Strip. What do you think?

"An end to over three decades of savage bloodshed over a tiny, ugly parcel of land… This is truly a sad day in the history of

William McGeveren • Radio Announcer


"Tell me they at least kept those beautiful, beautiful concrete demarcation walls up—they did? Oh, thank God."

Elizabeth Barden • Astronomer

"See, I knew that if the Palestinians ignored the Israelis for long enough, they'd go away."

Cassandra L. Capo • Preschool Teacher

"A Gaza home is affordable and can be yours! Contact me, Ramzi al-Yuusuf, at Hamas Realty, 08-636-8871."

Ramzi al-Yuusuf • Realtor


"I just can't believe that spineless peacenik Sharon knuckled under so quickly."

Jay Jaffe • Data-Entry Specialist

"Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, just tell me if it's good or bad this is happening, because I'm too goddamned confused by the last 30

Martin Kenney Jr. • Systems Analyst