Georgia's Evolution Stickers

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Last week, a U.S. district judge ordered a Georgia school district to remove stickers reading, "Evolution is a theory, not a fact" from its textbooks. What do you think?

"The thing is, they're right. Evolution is nothing more than a well-supported, predictive, scientifically rigorous theory."

Jered Garza • Driver

"If you don't believe in creationism, then how do you explain the fact that I do, smart guy?"

Carlton Fuller • Teacher


"Good. Now could New York please take the sticker off my literature textbook that says Surrealism is just a school of thought often in conflict with Abstractism?"

Melanie Burton • Systems Analyst

"Maybe now a judge will press Georgia schools to remove the 'Mr. Yuk' stickers from books by black authors."

Susan McKinney • Painter


"Man, I gotta get one of those stickers for my guitar case. That'd be awesome."

Danny Hale • Plumber

"I hope they replaced the old stickers with new ones that read, 'Do not burn.'"

Brad Dawson • Novelist