Ginni Thomas And History’s Most Controversial Political Spouses

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Conservative activist Ginni Thomas has come under fire for text messages to then-President Trump’s chief of staff in which she advocates overturning the 2020 election. This has led to questions about whether her husband, Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, should recuse himself from election-related cases, or even resign. The Onion looks back at the most controversial spouses of political figures throughout history.

Edith Wilson: President Woodrow Wilson’s wife took advantage of her husband’s illness to wield greater decision-making powers, something only men are supposed to do.


Diana, Princess of Wales: Heavily criticized for besmirching the royal family’s dignity by dying in France rather than England.

Jane Sullivan Roberts: The wife of Chief Justice John Roberts also reportedly sent unhinged texts to Trump’s chief of staff, including “We MUST Respect the rule of LAW” and “Trump was my PRESIDENT but then Biden won so HE is PRESIDENT NOW!!!”


Grace Goodhue Coolidge: Unbearable to even think of this solid 8 first lady being married to a president who was a 3 at best.

Michelle Obama: President Obama’s wife courted controversy by being an African American woman.


Denis Thatcher: Unfortunately encouraged the political dreams of his wife, Margaret.

Anne Boleyn: This one-time wife of King Henry VIII drew heavy criticism for condoning her womb’s controversial decision not to bear a male heir to the throne.


Joachim Sauer: A quantum chemist married to former German chancellor Angela Merkel, the revelation of his 1994 paper on the solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of nucleus Na-23 nearly thwarted her reelection.

Elizabeth Edwards: Famously facilitated her husband Sen. John Edwards’ affair by getting breast cancer.


Heidi Cruz: Has not to anyone’s knowledge cheated on her husband, Sen. Ted Cruz, in more than 20 years of marriage.