Girlfriend In One Of Those Moods Where She Misses Her Deceased Mother

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LINCOLN, MA—Saying it seemed to happen around the same time every month, sources confirmed Thursday that local girlfriend Tyra Randall was in one of those moods where she deeply missed her deceased mother. “I know it’s not her fault, but I can’t help but get a little annoyed when Tyra gets into one of her little funks where she’s crying and sleeping all the time just because she wishes her mom wasn’t dead,” said local man Stephen Mandeville, stressing that from the moment his significant other sunk into one of her mopey state where she was reflecting on her mother’s passing he knew that there would be no sex—not even hand or mouth stuff—for weeks. “Sometimes when she gets like this I’ll try to do something nice for her and take her out to dinner, but then out of nowhere suddenly I’m the bad guy for wanting her to have a good time instead of sulking about how she could have done more to help her mom through those final days. Obviously, I just need to give her space and let her work through this, but it’s still super frustrating that she can’t just suck it up.” Mandeville added that his girlfriend always seemed to get especially bad at that time of the month in December when the anniversary of her mom’s death rolled around.