Glenn's Return To Space

Last Thursday, 36 years after becoming the first American in orbit, 77-year-old John Glenn made a triumphant return to space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. What do you think?

"This is a triumph, not just for the space program, but for all of America. It's too bad he's gonna die up there."

Ellen Bolling • Florist


"I was in favor of shooting Senator Glenn until I heard the 'into space' part."

Craig Jensen • Roofer

"Depending on the success of this mission, NASA may yet be convinced of my plan to rocket the elderly into the sun."

Kerri Olson • Teacher

"Didn't Tom Wolfe say you can't go back into space again?"

Todd Daley • Systems Analyst

"This time, Glenn's stammering wife had damn well better speak to LBJ like she's told."

Mitch Hurd • Geologist


"USA! USA! US–! What? This is a naked P.R. ploy by NASA with little scientific significance and, as such, is a disgrace to the space program and an affront to taxpayers, who must foot the $500 million bill? USA! USA! USA!"

Paul Agganis • Machinist

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