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THE HEAVENS—Saying that the incident had a profound effect on Him and that He hasn’t been the same since, God, Our Lord and Heavenly Father, recalled Thursday his life-changing encounter with an 8-year-old boy who had a near-death experience. “I was standing there one day in the brightness of Eternal Life when suddenly, a small boy came walking towards My light,” said the Almighty, explaining that He felt at peace and had no fear, as was nearly always the case, but that He could also see the boy’s small frame on an operating table far below and realized that He was seeing an actual out-of-body experience. “He asked me if I was God and this Heaven, and when I said, ‘Yes, my child,’ a look of total tranquility came over him. I tell you, it was really humbling. Before I could say anything else, the child’s spirit was returned to his body, but the feeling of total serenity still lingered. It made me really appreciate the afterlife, you know?” God added that He took great comfort in knowing that He will see the boy again very soon.


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