Good News, ‘Final Fantasy’ Fans: Looks Like They Made A Bunch Of Those Things

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If you were among the millions of PlayStation 4 users who flocked to check out the Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s natural that you were left yearning for a different chance to enjoy Square Enix’s incredible knack for storytelling flourishes and engrossing gameplay. Well, good news, Final Fantasy fans! It looks like they made a bunch of those things.

Yeah, turns out you could fill a dump truck with all this Final Fantasy shit.

So, anyone who appreciated Final Fantasy VII’s combat systems and its impeccable Nobuo Uematsu-penned score doesn’t need to fret about never again having a similar title to play. Apparently, they crap these things out, like, once or twice a year. Pretty cool, huh? There’s a whole garbage bag worth of these RPGs out there and then some, in terms of cartridges and game discs, and all you have to do is pick them up by the armful and start stuffing them into your console to get started.


What’s even more exciting is that since there are apparently a fuckton more of them—we’re talking heaps and heaps of this junk—that means you could be playing these things until you were in your eighties and you still wouldn’t have finished them all. And who knows? Maybe they’ll even make some more of these things and toss them onto the big, overflowing pile of Final Fantasy titles already out there!

And if they don’t, you can always play the Dragon Quest games. There are about a billion of those available online, and they seem like pretty much the same fucking thing.