Google Now Giving Female Employees Free Day Each Week To Work On Lawsuits

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—In an effort to keep its women employees fully engaged at their jobs, Google announced Friday the launch of a new company-wide program that would give all female staff members one free day each week to work on lawsuits. “All women at Google will have the option of working at the office in a dedicated lawsuit space or enjoying the flexibility to prepare their cases from the comfort of home with their own personal attorneys—we just want them to have as much freedom with this time as they want,” said Google representative Kevin Mashburn, adding that the company welcomes collaborative class-action lawsuits from female employees as well as smaller “pet project” legal actions from single individuals that might one day grow into a multimillion-dollar settlement. “Giving our female employees the time and space to file documents, gather evidence, or just blue-sky the next big lawsuit is a hallmark of the Google approach. Of course, we value the contributions women at Google make at their everyday jobs, but we also want them to feel like they have the resources and opportunities to take that kernel of an idea for litigation and make it into a reality.” Mashburn went on to say that Google was also giving the company’s legal team one day a week to dream up any strategies that inspired them for crushing these women in court.